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About Us

We support private and public companies building the future of medicine

TCG Crossover “TCGX” is a Palo Alto-based investment firm focused on investing in innovative pre-IPO and public drug discovery companies. We invest in visionary entrepreneurs leveraging recent scientific breakthroughs to develop transformative medicines. We invest primarily in North America and Europe or China based companies doing US drug development.

We believe drug development is a team sport

We value collaboration and invest heavily in our network of scientific advisors and operational executives. These thought leaders provide invaluable guidance and perspective on the manifold challenges of drug development. In addition to our industry partners, we work with our Science Network, a team of leading scientists, including Nobel Prize and Lasker Award recipients. Their expertise is an invaluable resource for both our team and our portfolio companies. We leverage TCGX resources to help portfolio companies diligence new pipeline opportunities, navigate the capital markets, execute geographic expansions, and solve the challenges inherent to developing life-changing medicines.

We invest in great science to improve human health

Our goal is to support the translation of cutting-edge science into products that will make a meaningful difference for patients. We focus on finding companies with potential to do great things and aim to be valuable partners to those intrepid innovators.

We represent patient capital

We invest out of closed end funds which means we do not face redemption pressure or the need to “sell” one position to invest in another position. Thus, we see ourselves as long term partners to our portfolio companies.